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"Change requires commitment. Commitment requires self-interest.
The role of the Change Agent, then, is to foster self-interest in others."
  - John Layman

Medtech Insight series on FDA CMMI MDDAP appraisals:

Medtech's Next Top Maturity Model: Part 1

Medtech's Next Top Maturity Model: Part 2

Medtech's Next Top Maturity Model: Part 3

Medtech's Next Top Maturity Model: Part 4
(includes Beth Layman interview)

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"Process Architecture" (a series)

"Does Process Stifle Developer Creativity?"

"Countering Gen Y Objections to Peer Reviews"

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PSM book coverPractical Software Measurement: Objective Information for Decision Makers

Quantifiable, objective, and meaningful measurement is critical to the successful development of complex software systems. Practical Software Measurement(PSM) describes a proven process for designing and implementing a measurement program. When PSM is adopted, it provides decsion-makers with essential information on size/scope, quality, scheduling, resource allocation, and more. It enables managers and developers to make informed decision that will positively affect the project's outcome.

Buy this book at Amazon.com. Translations: Japanese  Chinese

PSM logoPSM Support Center (PSMSC)

The PSMSC was established to encourage the adoption of Practical Software Measurement in industry and government. The PSMSC core team is to PSM as the SEI is to the CMMI. It trains, authorizes, and equips "Transition Organizations" which offer PSM-related training and consulting services. Layman & Layman is an authorized PSM Transition Organization.

Recorded Webinars:

"Five Agnostic Best Practices Every Organization Should Adopt"

available from ITMPI.org.


"The Top Five Process Mistakes We Make"

available from ITMPI.org.


"Process Architecture:
Designing a Process Management System That Gets Used"

available from ITMPI.org.


"Process Improvement Tarpits and How to Avoid Them"

available from ITMPI.org.


"Improving Performance in IT Service Delivery"

available from ITMPI.org.


"Leveraging Measurement in Your CMMI and Compliance Initiatives"

available from ITMPI.org.


"Assessing Your Readiness for Agile Development"

available from ITMPI.org.