Put Our Expertise to Work for You

"You don't want to be considered just the best,
you want to be considered the only one who does what you do."
  - Jerry Garcia

Client recommendations:

"The training, consulting and appraisal services we received from Layman & Layman were outstanding. I don't think we could have asked for anything more."

- Carl Gardner, PMO Mgr, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc./Mortgage Asset Systems

"Layman & Layman are great to work with. Their expertise at applying the CMMI model and overcoming organizational challenges kept us on the right course while integrating agile methods into our standard Maturity Level 3 processes."

- Dave Groening, Process Improvement Lead, Applied Research Associates

"Our in-house process improvement efforts were stalled before we brought in Layman & Layman. They quickly identified the areas we needed to focus on and kept us heading in the right direction, refining tactics as needed through regular on-site visits.Their insight into the dynamics of change management and thorough knowledge of what works shaved many months off our journey."

- Process Improvement Lead, Defense Contractor

"Layman & Layman provided our company with critical guidance and audit services to accomplish our goal of obtaining SEI CMMI Level 3 in a timeframe that was very aggressive. They understood the organization, its current engineering practices, and its goals going forward, and planned the audits to give us enough data and time to position ourselves for the final audit. I would heartily recommend Layman & Layman for bringing any organization's quality objectives to the next level."

- VP Engineering, Commercial Software Product Firm

"Layman & Layman provided our organization with the guidance to be successful. This included model expertise as well as the organizational and change management aspects of process improvement. They did not take a "cookie cutter" approach, but rather worked to understand the organization, recognizing areas of strength and areas needing improvement. They helped us achieve our goals quickly and effectively."

- Process Improvement Lead, Defense Contractor

"Layman & Layman has been working with us for over four years now and has a deep understanding of our needs and how to help us move forward along our process improvement journey."

- Division Manager, Defense Contractor

"Layman & Layman provided our company with outstanding leadership, expertise and customer support. They worked together with us as a cohesive team to achieve our SEI CMMI Level 2 certification. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Layman & Layman as we work toward our SEI CMMI Level 3 certification."

- Jim Thomas, Founder and Chairman, ExecuSys, Inc.

"Layman & Layman gave us candid and reliable information prior to the engagement that helped us make a well-reasoned decision to select CMMI as our process improvement method of choice. Implementing CMMI wasn't easy, but due to the professionalism and breadth of knowledge provided by Layman & Layman, it proved to be reasonable and achievable within our time and cost constraints. Our employees were at first reluctant and skeptical about the benefits and efficiency gains, but once the process got underway they were converted to true believers and are now enthusiastic practitioners."

- Eddie C. Haralson, Sr., President and CEO, ExecuSys, Inc.

Personal endorsements:

"Beth is the goto person; professional, amazing, and an all-around great person to watch your back. Her skill in the area of Process Improvement and Management Consulting is right on target for any company that wants to improve their bottom line, right now! I would be honored to work with Beth again and again."

- Dale Fuller, Chairman, AVG, MobiSocial, ProSites, Quantum Corp
                       (former President/CEO McAfee, Borland, MokaFive, WhoWhere)

"Beth's expertise as a process improvement consultant is unparalleled. The wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience that she brings to the table would be difficult to find anywhere else. Beth was instrumental in getting McKesson's process improvement initiative rolling as our principal consultant at the time, and to this day I still rely on her for advice. She has a knack for transforming the typical consultant-client engagement into a true partnership. She is genuinely interested in the success of her customers. If you are looking for a process improvement consultant, you won't find anyone better than Beth."

- Jim Shaver, Director of Development Processes, McKesson

"The process improvement effort is extremely worthwhile, and does requires an effective Appraiser if appraisal is involved. I highly recommend Beth Layman of Layman & Layman because of her expertise, performance and professionalism."

- Janiene L. Pape, (Former) Senior Manager, United Space Alliance
                                 Launch Processing System Software Development,
                                 Space Shuttle Program Ground Operations

"Beth worked hard to understand our organization and how the [Process Areas] mapped to the various functions. In addition, she provided much-needed insight into the interpretation of the [Process Areas] and how they applied to the organization. As we were a first-time user of the CMMI for Services model, this input was invaluable."

- Process Improvement Lead, Government Contractor

From class and workshop participants:

"Enjoyed the course! It made what I'd thought to be an abstract subject understandable and usable."

"Bob and Beth were great instructors and facilitators. They made the material real and applicable to our situation. We are excited about applying all that we learned."

"Joe was very well prepared and kept the class interesting. Great job! Thank you!"

"Helpful class! Beth took a tough topic and made it understandable."

"Very productive workshop! Beth Layman has great experience and great facilitation skills."

"Beth has a very relaxed presentation style. She kept the session going at a good pace."

"I enjoyed this class very much. The exercises pulled things into focus for me."

"Learned more from this workshop than I ever did in a classroom with some instructor droning through the subject matter."

"Comprehesive course. Well-delivered content. Kept participants involved. Excellent in all respects!"

"The instructor was the best part of the course!  Interesting life experiences, great delivery and interaction with the students!"

"Great instructor!  I would definitely attend more of his stuff!"

"The instructor was very personable.  Kept class interesting and engaging."

"Very knowledgable instructor.  Experienced, engaging, excellent!"